Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DomCon Mwah! We Love You!

Mistress Flame had the luscious pleasure of seeing all of you at LA Domcon over the weekend, something she will be personally blogging about in the next couple of days. The lovely lady is exhausted, as I'm sure everyone can appreciate, after seventy two hours of stimulating ...conversation!
Here's a black and white interpretation of our booth at Domcon. Even in black and white (or black and blue for that matter) you can see Discreet Designs multi-purpose pieces look good in any color!

We are excited by all the positive feedback from the domcon attendees and look forward to all the lovely new homes our furnishings will be arriving at.  If life or a grumpy partner precluded you from attending, you can always purchase and peruse our products on line at DISCREET DESIGNS.

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